Vintage 1955 Conn 6H Trombone For Sale $600

I am selling this Vintage 1955 Conn 6H trombone for $600. The serial number is 523825. Market value is about $850, but the slide will need work, and the horn has many wear marks. This horn was manufactured within the “golden years” of Conn Corporation.

A few words regarding background of the horn, and CG Conn History . . .

“Charles Gerard Conn started manufacturing brass instruments in Elkhart, Indiana, during the 1870s, and his company proved to be a great success. On Conn’s retirement in 1915, the company was sold to Carl Diamond Greenleaf. Under Greenleaf’s direction, the firm prospered, expanding still further through both organic growth and purchase of other companies. During his stewardship also, many instrument models and various innovations were introduced some of which are still around today, eg the system of numbers and letters for designating instrument models, vocabells (rimless bells), the renown Conn 88H series (it is rumoured that Vincent Bach modelled his famous Stradivarius 42 trombones on the 88H). This period, the following one under the administration of Paul Gazlay (1949-1958) and a third led by Greenleaf’s son Leland, are today considered to have been the golden years of the Conn Corporation. Conn trombones of this fabled era have a legendary reputation amongst the classical musicians and instruments manufactured in the 1950s and 60s are particularly prized by collectors.”

Small-bore (.500), favoured for jazz, comparable to (but brighter than) King 3B. Historical notes: according to the Conn Loyalist list, this designation was used for a #3 Bore Bb Symphony Small Bore with 7.5″ or 8″ Bell introduced in 1918, discontinued 1928, and reinstated in 1937. Discontinued 1985(?).

Slideshow Pictures:

The two paragraphs above are from the website below.

Ideal for jazz enthusiast, and Conn collectors!

I look forward to hearing from you!