Jazz Trombone Blues Improvisation Scale and Melodic Ideas

Legendary jazz pianist and educator, Barry Harris really breathes life in how to play bebop lines over a Bb blues progression. Great information, realistic flow, and motivating for students.

In the two videos below, Barry shares some very specific ways to get started in practicing scales, and builds a melody with class participation demonstrating melodic construction. Another point that he drives home is the importance of practicing with good time. He applies this both in commitment to the tempo, as well as which notes land on the beat in scale practice.

2 Responses to “Jazz Trombone Blues Improvisation: Barry Harris for all Instruments”

  • Jeff says:

    These two pdfs are some of the most helpful Barry Harris material on the net.

    Thanks so much for these.

    On the first sheet you mention that you have more info regarding the alternative lick Barry Harris mentions on the first video at 3m.32sec.

    Could you possibly email more info on this (and indeed any other Barry Harris material)?

    Many thanks

    Jeff Rodman

    • Jazz Trombone Teaching Tips Staff says:

      Jeff, thank you for your kind words and glad you enjoyed the material. Barry is one of my favorites. I am playing a little catch up this week, but will transcribe and post the lick that you mentioned in the next week or so. Thanks, Dave Bones

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