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Beginning Trombone Lessons: Ruby by H.A. Vandercook

This is a great first full piece with piano accompaniment for beginning trombone lessons. It offers musicality, and application of the main articulations for the trombone which are Legato, Staccato, and Normal Articulation / Bell Tones.

This is one of ten pieces in a collection that offer similar benefit, ranging from Grade 1 – 3. These are frequently used for Junior Solo / Ensemble contests, and costs about $13.

Feel free to click on the link below for more information about this collection.

Beginning Trombone Solos

I would love to hear your comments, and how you are doing with the piece. Enjoy!

In learning jazz improvisation on the trombone, it is very important to make transcribing part of the curriculum for study.

One way to ease into transcribing is to transcribe excerpts from different players. If this inspires you to listen to more of the artist you started transcribing, well that’s great! At this stage of the game, listening is also critical. Having a teacher to help you “frame” the value, breathe life, and offer direction in your study to integrate listening and transcribing can be very beneficial.

In the brief video below, I play excerpts from the following three solos – J.J. Johnson, Misty; Carl Fontana, I Thought About You (including a supportive technical drill where no tongue is used to articulate the notes, but focus on air and embouchure. Then, the tongue is integrated again.); and, J.J. Johnson, Nutville.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or have any feedback to share. Enjoy!